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Looks like a fairly new tire; it's still has the nubbies. Condolences.

@dokuja yep, I just had to replace it a couple of weeks ago. I need to get stronger ones, those light weight tyres aren't for me...


Reminds me of my experience with some Michelin Pro Races. They were light, fast, grippy and supple - amazing tires! For a few miles, then a piece of trash sliced the sidewall.

Judging by the tread pattern you have Contis. If you still like that brand I'm a big fan of Gatorskins.

green_ascii_skull @beni

@dokuja I destroyed several Gatorskins in no time, no good experiences there. I generally stick to Schwalbe. Either Durano or Marathon these days. They used to have an awesome tyre but I forgot its name ;)