I hate it when you search the web for a solution and the first result is a forum post with your exact problem and the only reply tells the person to search the web....

@beni or a stack overflow question that's been flagged as a duplicate of another that also doesn't answer. *sigh*

@beni or the only answer is OP saying, "I figured it out." With no explanation

@beni Or when that forum post is *you* askibg for help with that very issue, without any replies.
@lnxw48a1 @beni It's worse when there's half a dozen replies and you *almost* get an answer, then the thread just stops dead.
@lnxw48a1 @beni Or on the Arch forums where approximately half of the replies will be a passive-aggressive implication that you're doing something wrong.

@sullybiker That's one of the reasons why I stopped using Arch. I feel very welcome on the forum... ;)

@beni @lnxw48a1 Slackware's great. Use it as my work main driver.
@beni @lnxw48a1 I used Arch for a long time. I do like it, but I never jived with the tone of the forums; they are unbelievably snarky. I think some of that tone came from the developers, particularly the package manager guy who ironically is pretty nice in person.

@sullybiker I also used Funtoo for a while. It's another nice place, but I got tired of all the fiddling, setting USE flags and compiling... For now I need the stability of Slackware.

@beni I agree. I think you get through the obsessive tinkering phase after a while, and you want a system you can actually work with. Slackware's a good balance of stability and control.

@sullybiker Slackware stable has always been rock solid for me. Still it's extremely simple...

@sullybiker I basically stopped using it when two consecutive updates broke my system and they then decided to move to systemd. This was to much for me ;)

@beni  I thought the systemd update was one of the smoother big ones!

They've got a lot better with long term reliability. I remember two occasions around five years ago when their updates left me having to sort a system out for a whole morning.
@beni Or when that forum post is *you* asking for help with that very issue, without any replies.
@lnxw48a1 @beni Had one recently where the sole response was, "I'd like to help you, but you're literally the only person who I've heard have this problem".

@beni When I first started my current job, my lead gave me a task, "I have a proof of concept of this thing working, I just need you to finish it up."

So I start working on it, and it kind of works, but there's this weird problem that seems to be related to mach exception handlers. I poke around on stack overflow to see if this is a known thing, and I find one post outlining _exactly_ my problem, with zero answers.
From several months prior.
From my lead.

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