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The lasts UI update for the youtube android app broke the back key and it is stupid. Now I cannot go back to my previous video if I touched a recommendation by accident

I collected some scripts on a new gopher page (gopher:// It includes my wallpaper script that you can cronjob for nice wallpapers from r/wallpaper

Makes for easier testing of cgi-scripts on gopher :D

As promised, I wrote a little tutorial explaining how to remotely install an encrypted Debian server:

No more excuses for unencrypted data!

#debian #luks #lvm #encryption

Maybe I should have checked the wikipedia page for gopher, turns out there already is a gopher interface for wikipedia (gopher:// :(

Oops I broke my script and I am not sure why

I have to make a better toot script though, because I cannot use single quotes right now

I've figured it out, you have to add a tab character to the end of information lines. All up and running now on gopher://

Still figuring out how to get the gophermap right. It seems to work for but not for me (

I seem to not understand gopher yet, does it take some time to update? is up again. I forgot to enable the systemd service, so it went down after a restart.

Gopher seems cool. I'm going to build a gopher site

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