@SDF I think the new keybase feature is pretty cool: keybase.io/blog/keybase-proofs are you willing to do this for mastodon.sdf.org?

I really want to believe in matrix.org messaging, so I set up a server again! You can find my userid in my profile if you want to message me

I just ordered one item from McDonald's and my receipt is literally longer than 30cm

Whenever I `brew upgrade` I forget that I have a gcc cross compiler installed for my planck keyboard, which has to compile from source...

@aetios 0 is exit successfully, anything else is a failure of some kind

@aetios Maybe not exit succesfully if there are weird characters in the input

I'm on a roll today, just deployed a new version of t.me/keybaseproofbot, an unofficial way to prove your keybase username on telegram.

Also if ipv6 is not working, please notify me. I cannot test it locally as my ISP does not give out ipv6 addresses.

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