Wanna play a game of 'find the stupid bug' ?


@sijmen haha yes, I was wondering so hard why it wasn't returning the right stuff :')

@aetios Clue was print(ds) always printing the same thing. I would recommend looking into a proper debugger instead of shotgun debugging

@sijmen I mean, is there a debugger for python? Printing things out has always worked just fine for me. I wasn't really shotgun debugging, it took me only like 5 minutes to realise, and that includes slacking off and ranting to colleagues :P

@aetios @sijmen Tip: Pycharm. They have integrated pdb so you can set breakpoints within the editor.

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@bej @sijmen myeah i used tot use pycharm but then I got used to nvim 🤔

@aetios If you're doing it for the movement commands, Pycharm has a plugin for that

@sijmen @bej That is cool, I'm going to look into that.

@bej @aetios Yeah, pycharm has a really neat debugging frontend. If you can handle handing off over 4 gigabytes of your RAM to your editor, it's a great tool.

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