@SDF I think the new keybase feature is pretty cool: keybase.io/blog/keybase-proofs are you willing to do this for mastodon.sdf.org?

I really want to believe in matrix.org messaging, so I set up a server again! You can find my userid in my profile if you want to message me

I just ordered one item from McDonald's and my receipt is literally longer than 30cm

Whenever I `brew upgrade` I forget that I have a gcc cross compiler installed for my planck keyboard, which has to compile from source...

I'm on a roll today, just deployed a new version of t.me/keybaseproofbot, an unofficial way to prove your keybase username on telegram.

Also if ipv6 is not working, please notify me. I cannot test it locally as my ISP does not give out ipv6 addresses.

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Please keep in mind that I'm a beginner rustean, so don't take my code as an example.

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Just basically rewrote 301.systems and added ipv6 support! The rewrite was necessary because hyper.rs changes it's API basically on every minor release :(

So I wanted to uninstall my youtube app, because I made the youtube-dl thing, and I couldn't because apparently youtube is a system app, so I disabled it instead. And then it suddenly became undisabled? This happened with my Google app before too, super weird. The great thing is that the undisabled app is back to the old version, and the back button works again. So now I'm using the YouTube app again, because it also turned out that my cronjob isn't working correctly

@tomasino Do you use any (open source) scripts for updating your phlog and gophermap?

Maybe I should write a phlog post about this instead of all these toots

So my current plan is this: download all the videos from my subscriptions using youtube-dl (feed parsing by github.com/mewfree/youtube-dl-), then sync them over to my phone over night with syncthing

The lasts UI update for the youtube android app broke the back key and it is stupid. Now I cannot go back to my previous video if I touched a recommendation by accident

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