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本月12日是国际反 DRM 日 ,让我们行动起来,抵制数字霸权!

此外,这天我们还会举办一次 Hacking for Fun,地点在西四的那间咖啡,有时间的可以来参加。

十月4日我们会举行一次 Hacking for fun 活动,地点在东四的 Cheese Home.


There is one slide in my presentation on the State of the XMPP community that you should not miss out on: Conversations is getting support for Jingle audio/video calls. (Probably in early 2020)


DogeDoge 搜索不错,和 DuckDuckGo 很像,中文搜索也很不错。缺点是搜索结果链接是 DogeDoge 的链接,点击后需要一次重定向才能访问目标页面,这个和以前的 Google 有点像。

SUSE 举办的第 18 届 Hack Week 将在下周进行,在北京的同学们可以到 SUSE 的办公室参加活动。

除了元旦的 Hacking New Year 之外,本月第三周的 Hacking for Fun 照常进行,地点仍然是漫吧咖啡。


For people looking for a guide on how to set up a modern XMPP server, take a look at the #howto:

It was updated at the recent Dusseldorf XMPP sprint.

Necuno / KDE to collaborate!

Necuno Mobile is a truly open source / secure mobile hardware platform running Linux.

Plasma is a free & open source graphical user interface developed by KDE. Their Plasma Mobile platform is an effort to bring the Plasma graphical user interface to mobile devices.

Plasma Mobile and Necuno Solutions are a perfect match with shared values.

Interesting mobile Linux times ahead.

#KDE #Necuno #NecunOS #mobile #Linux


11月的 Hacking for Fun 又要来了,这次换了地点,改到了西四的那间咖啡,欢迎大家前来参加。

二进制分析神器 #radare2 发布 3.0 版本,不过它仍然叫 radare2.
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