@kensanata@octodon.social Excellent article, spot on, thanks for the pointer! I completely missed the fact that Whatsapp doesn't have an API. It used to be that to survive, stuff on the internet was required to be interoperable. Now, it seems to be the opposite, actually.

@mwlucas@mastodon.social The difference maybe is that at least, when you indulge yourself with this guilty pleasure, you're not doing it in public, whereas we, poor readers, live in the fear of the odd look over our shoulder during our daily commute to work... :)

@mwlucas@mastodon.social @bcallah@bsd.network Wait, we were talking nicely about having sex with Unix like normal, I go for a drink and now we're supposed to go back in time to do that with Hitler while listening to some weird radio?

Just turned the last virtual page of Savaged by Systemd, by @mwlucas@mastodon.social . Quite possibly the silliest book I've ever read, but against my better judgement, I couldn't not like it... Maybe there actually is such a thing as "Geek literature", after all? Just bought "git commit murder", to be sure.

From @wohali@bird.site

AIM: dead. ICQ: dead. MSN: dead. Y! chat: dead. Google XMPP/Jabber: dead. IRC survived. Remember that.

I went ahead and setup a word press blog on one of my domains. To atone I guess I need to finally make my space on too!

Reading Savaged by systemd by @mwlucas@mastodon.social. Alternate title: Fifty shades of geek.

@crc@mastodon.social Oh... I believe after 11 came out, I opened the software updates screen, and couldn't see anything... But I see that it is indeed listed as one of the compatible devices. Maybe I will give it a go, but I'm also a bit afraid it might run a bit sluggishly...

@kensanata@octodon.social @dotemacs@mastodon.xyz Just seen your pull request. That was quick!

@dotemacs@mastodon.xyz @kensanata@octodon.social Thanks for checking the files! I believe normal text should be Ok, however, I am unsure about the code sections (or anything I marked as verbatim in the original Org file). Some lines do seem long... not sure what is the best option here though?

@dotemacs@mastodon.xyz Completely missed that, I will edit the article. Thanks!

@gutigen @AFresh1 Contrary to your belief, many *BSD devs (including the ones who's code was used) are very happy that Microsoft used the BSD TCP stack.

Forced giving (aka, GPL) is bad in my opinion. If they don't make the effort, we don't want to deal with them.

I've seen the stupid shit that vendors do when forced to give back. It's a nightmare and not worth it.

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It's 2018 and I just joined the space: beastieboy.net/gopher.html . Been wanting to do that for years, finally managed thanks to git.r-36.net/geomyidae/ on the server and github.com/ardekantur/gopher.e on my computer.

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