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Interested to know what the FSF's Licensing & Compliance team has been up to in the past few months? FSF's licensing & compliance associate, Craig Topham, gives his report in a new article, hot off the press! Read it at: Support #UserFreedom

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Does anyone have any ideas for how to better "Help others find their reason to support free software?" (The theme of our spring fundraiser, which ends EOD today.)

Or, are there any campaigns the FSF is currently doing that you think do a good job of "helping others find their reason to use/support free software?"

Hey @fsf, this is a neat way to help spread the word about the Fediverse, as well as helping folks find their reason(s) for supporting free/libre software. 🙂

I use because it's the only kind of software that makes sense to me and helps empower people and give them , and I support free software and participate in its development because I would like others to have and be able to enjoy in their lives the same computing freedoms that I've been fortunate to have in mine.

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The hour is upon us! It's Mastodon Hour time (16:00 EDT [20:00 UTC]), where the campaigns team will be making ourselves available to discuss certain topics in real time. Read more at: Flock on over right now for a chat!

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I'm happy to unveil a new picture of Freedo, the mascot of GNU Linux-libre. The picture is called Shopping Advice:;a

Freedo gives Tux advice on how to clean up for the new version 5.18 while the shopkeeper looks on.

Licensed under GFDL-1.3-or-later; see the README for historical information.

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GNU Spotlight: April GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali: Twenty new GNU releases! #coreutils, #emacs, #gama, #gnugcc, #gnuhealth, and more! Check out the full list at Thank you @notbandali @bandali

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March #GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali: Eleven new GNU releases! #mtools #denemo #gnuastro #gnunet #libtool #gnuhealth and more! Also, boost and like this post to congratulate @notbandali @bandali for new role!

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#emacs 28 is out! It's especially exciting for me because I made a contribution to this version:

*** New input methods for Lakota language orthographies.
Two orthographies are represented here, the Suggested Lakota Orthography and what is known as the White Hat Orthography. There is also a Lakota greeting in "etc/HELLO".

Many thanks to my relatives who kept the language alive, to the teachers who helped me learn and to Emacs for making adding language support possible by someone like me!

yay, the most recent "upgrade" of this mastodon instance seems to have kindly vanished most of my followers/followings for me 😶

hi @SDF not sure if you've noticed or not but it seems that doesn't have any NS or A or AAAA dns records any more, and as a result sdf gopherholes and phlogs are no longer accessible via the domain

hi @ademalsasa, thanks for your kind words! 🙂

P.S. my old account is long gone (that instance went down a while ago), and my current (though very quiet) home on the fediverse is the sdf mastodon where i'm replying from :) thanks for the kind introduction my friend, glad to be here on the fediverse (again) 🙂

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"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko