@alpacaherder @SDF I really need to get involved in this. Is it open to anyone? Been meaning to get involved in more amateur radio stuff. :)

@b4yp @alpacaherder @SDF validated accounts cost a one time fee of $1 via postal or $3 PayPal. ARPA lifetime (which gets access to additional commands is the. $35 or $33 respectfully.

@Snowcrash @alpacaherder @SDF I'd meant the ham radio stuff. I'm already a MetaARPA member. :)

@b4yp @alpacaherder @SDF ahhhhh. I’m still trying to find out about that too. General class here.

@Snowcrash @alpacaherder @SDF Technician here. Mainly got my license so I could talk with my dad, but figured I'd branch out a bit. :)

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