OK, so after running my own instance for about 6 months, I'm back here. Grew tired of running an instance for only myself.

Less maintenance and more community this way too. So probably a win all around. :)

So yeah, hey there, again.

@b4yp Interesting.
But don't you think it still has value in controlling all your own data?
Even if you are the only user on your box, you are still connected to the rest of the fediverse, so what is lost?
I'm using other people's systems too, because I can't be arsed to do my own (seems to have a lot of depends and high maint.), but I still think of maybe pleroma or something.

@gemlog Anything that I post gets sent out on the Fediverse anyhow so no matter what, I don't have total control of my data.

I'm back here because, like you, I can't be arsed to run my own any more. The time I've put into it outweighs the enjoyment that I get out of it. If that makes any sense. Would rather just enjoy my time. :)

@b4yp It seems that as i get older I am less inclined to spend hours pounding my head on the desk making things work.

@gemlog I totally understand that.

When I was younger, I'd be constantly messing with my computer. Had to have the latest hardware and software. I'd spend hours optimizing stuff. And of course, having the latest and greatest requires all that time to troubleshoot.

Now my newest computer is like 5 years old, runs an LTS version of Linux and just works. I never mess with it. 😂

@b4yp I'm 58. I think my last 3 computers have been ~4 years old or so before their retirement.
This one is 4 actually, but I'm in no rush to do anything about it. I find its performance to be adequate.
I have to either swap its p/s (I have a spare) or do the 3in1 thing with the fan though.
That's damn irritating; I have to smack it occasionally...

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