Took a trip out to the Honda dealership to check out and test drive the Ridgeline.

Pretty sure this is going to be my next vehicle. When I can afford it. Loved it!

So far, coming back here has been totally worth it. Already had a couple of fun interactions and fedi seems to have a lot more interesting stuff. Yeah!

After I chilled out and thought about what my real-world use for it would be, the set up took about 15 minutes. I was making it way more complicated than it needed to be.

So I decided to drag my server up from the "server room" today to clean it out and install a clean copy of Linux on it since I was re-purposing it and wanted to start from scratch.

Glad that I took the time to do that. Apparently one of the SAS drives kicked the bucket and my one RAIDs was degraded.

Anyhow, spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get Nextcloud working. I was making it much harder than it was supposed to be.

Researching Nextcloud a bit. Thinking I may set up my own cloud. Because why not have a learning opportunity that may be useful for something? :D

OK, so after running my own instance for about 6 months, I'm back here. Grew tired of running an instance for only myself.

Less maintenance and more community this way too. So probably a win all around. :)

So yeah, hey there, again.

@SDF Hey, any chance of a cli mastodon client (like toot) being installed at SDF? :)

If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?

1. EVE Online
2. Forza Horizon
3. Horizon Zero Dawn
4. MLB '18
5. Rock Band

(Off the top of my head)

I think I may have finally gotten it working.. !

Ok.. let's try this again.. go go docker-compose!

Ok, so pulling from several different Mastodon "install using Docker" pages, I think I may have figured out my issue..

But I'm too tired to test it out tonight. So, that's a job for when I wake up. Night, world.

The more I'm on other social networks, the more that I discover that I don't really like Facebook.

Were it not for the fact that some friends and family ONLY communicate through Facebook, likely I'd drop it all together.

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Well, if nothing else, I learned a lot about Docker today...

Started the project of getting my own Mastodon instance setup so I can learn more about it.

Seems like it's running, thinking there is an issue somewhere with how nginx is setup. Issue for tomorrow. :)

Sort of want to make a Gin and Tonic, but also sort of don't know if I feel like having a drink tonight.

This whole Gin phase I've been going through has been fun, but damn I don't want to turn into an alcoholic either.

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