Alright.. almost July. 2020 is nearly half over. We can do this. :)

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ugh do not use Brave browser. it's been horrible from the start but its fake human skin is coming off and you can see the see the reptilian underneath now.

Apparently is a thing.. so may as well participate. :)

This is my desktop PC. Running Endeavour OS ( @EndeavourOS ) .. XFCE. Not a ton of customizations, but .. form over function, I guess. :)

Happy Sunday!

I sort of feel like I should be using i3.

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Press alt+f4 to confirm that you're using ms windows.

GoJack isn't really a serious project that I intend to make big bucks.. just a tool for learning arrays in Go. So far, I've learned a bit. Likely I'll learn a good bit more once I'm done. :)

Started coding my "Blackjack in Go" project. So far it seems like it's working.. Got the game banner and the card shuffling routine done so far.

Still need to think a bit on how I want to code the game.

Not like it's super complex and/or there is a lot to think about.. I just have a few ideas in my head about how I want to go about it.

Also, while starting off, decided to try to make it as modular as possible. May do a few separate gambling-type games and create "GoCasino" out of them.

I am so tired of smelling weed.

I mean, I honestly don't care if people want to toke up. Totally their choice. Just wish it wouldn't be near the house. I really don't like the smell.. :/

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I think I'm going to get my camera out and start taking pics again. Been meaning to do that for a while.

I think that my next Go project is going to be a simple blackjack game so I can learn arrays.

Trying to decide if I want to make it remember the deck for each subsequent game, or reshuffle for each game.. Or if I want to add betting.. Hmm..

Giving Firefox another shot since its been a while.. So far, so good. :)

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helo. it is caturday. it seems like lots of people are having a hard time right now, so am here to keep you company if you want. *sits near you*

Finally took the time to figure out my network issue when installing the Linux LTS kernel. Since I typically don't run the latest and greatest hardware, LTS is the easiest way to increase system stability for me.

So there's a thing.

Anyhow, I decided to learn Go today and threw together a version written in Go. It works, it compiles, it runs. I'm pretty happy about that!

Uploaded it to Github so if anyone wants to see it (or any other versions).. enjoy.. or hell, create and submit your own in your favorite languate.. hah

So, back in the late 80s, my friend @calzonesteve and I wrote a small text-based game as a joke called "Game 1".

It's a really basic game, uses basic coding principles, but it's always been a great tool to get some experience learning a new programming language. I hate trying to learn a new language with nothing to apply it to.

I mean.. I guess I could always just keep programming stuff in FORTRAN.. but .. maybe a break from that would be nice. :)

You know, since I have a bit of motivation to program things, I think I'll take the time to learn golang
.. Seems interesting.

So many different ways to customize XFCE.. Where do I begin??

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Why is it that the objectively worst OS is the only one that costs money in 2020.

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