"We are here for justice for George. We're sick and tired of being abused and oppressed by the police." In this video, demonstrators in Minneapolis say why they challenged a curfew on Saturday and took to the streets for another night of protests. nyti.ms/2Bl1l0O

Videos showing police officers using batons, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets on protesters, bystanders and journalists have highlighted the complaints about police behavior that have drawn protests in at least 75 cities across the U.S. nyti.ms/2ZWmKaD

Because it is not covered by insurance, it is 11250 yen at your own expense.
The dose covered by insurance is about 2g for C and 200mg for glutathione, which is uninformative.

The contents of B + C + glutathione infusion are:
Distilled water 500ml (extract 250ml)
Vitamedin 2A
Flavitan (20) 2A
Nyklin (50) 2A
Pantocin (100) 1A
Sulfate Mg (1) 1A
Cult call 8.5% (5) 1 / 2A
Vitamin C (2g) 15A
Glutathione (200) 9A

The amount of vitamins is
Vitamin B1: 100 mg
Vitamin B2: 40 mg
Niacin: 100mg
Pantothenic acid: 100mg
Vitamin B6: 100 mg
Vitamin B12: 1 mg
Vitamin C: 30g

For low back pain such as tight back, 3 cases including this case have been completely cured with 2 infusions.
It seems that inflammation is subsided by the antioxidant effect.
A single infusion cures viral diseases such as herpes.
The point is to add 1800 mg of glutathione to C30g.

The symptoms recovered 80% at the first time.
The symptoms recovered 100% at the second time.
In the future, I would like to have an infusion once a month for prevention.
I have read a book, so I want to do megavitamins.
→ Start B50, C1000, E400, niacinamide.

On May 8th, I was able to get rid of my pain and do my job normally.
NSAIDs almost no longer needed.
The second drip was given.

The other day, I have a regular medical examination once a month.
The backache was completely cured.

Since late R2.3, I have had backache and have been in orthopedics.
He was diagnosed with "sciatica" and was prescribed antipyretic analgesics (NSAIDs).
I take it 2-3 times daily because it hurts and I can't work.

I found my blog, made a reservation to do B + C + glutathione infusion, received a medical examination on May 1st, and the first infusion.

Effect of B + C + glutathione drip on low back pain

Case: Male in his 50s.
He has been in the hospital for several years because of depression.
After 2 years of protein experience, I'm quite well and I'm back to work.

Dear @jack @twitter
Numbers of major accounts who raise objections and issues with the Japanese govt. have been suspended by Twitter Japan (@TwitterJP). On the flip side, accounts that fuel racism and nationalism are left unchecked. There is widespread concern about it. twitter.com/damned398/status/1

The May 30 Taylor Swift tweet to Trump's vote to retire you in the November election 'shows Netfuri's "Miss Americana" in a straight line with her actions. Her followers are Swift 86.29 million and Trump 80.82 million. Proclaims Democratic support and encourages young people to vote. Must see twitter.com/taylorswift13/stat

The Democratic Party, which has a majority in the House of Representatives, has submitted a second bill for uniform payment and a waiver of rent, but it has not passed the Senate. Currently, the unemployment rate in the United States is 14%, but it is higher in urban areas, with about one in seven people losing their jobs.

The U.S. government paid a uniform 130,000 yen per person in May as early as possible, and even after that, unemployment insurance plus a subsidy of 65,000 yen per person was paid weekly thereafter, so President Trump's approval rating is also in May. It maintained 49% until the beginning. However, the rent in big cities is more than 200,000 yen a month, so I'm finally getting stuck.

Before Corona, rents in US metropolitan cities soared due to the concentration of wealth in IT companies, and even in downtown Brooklyn of New York, where there were an average of 300,000 yen in 60 square meters, there were many restaurants and hotel employees. I lost my job. Many workers have become unnecessary victims of corona, such as transportation, cleaning, and grocery stores. twitter.com/TomoMachi/status/1

Police respond to popular protests in the U.S. with tear gas and pepper spray, which causes crowds of people to weep and cough all at once. Warning from public health professionals that doing so increases the risk of infection. twitter.com/nytimes/status/126

Thousands of people are marching in New York City as a fourth night of protests against racism and police violence gets underway. One demonstration in Manhattan's Bryant Park began with a moment of silence and raised fists.nyti.ms/3dmdS1Z

Netflix official
"It is the same as accomplice that you don't speak up.
Black life is also important.
We have a duty to speak for the platform and black members, employees, creators, talents. "Https://twitter.com/netflix/st

A riot happened today in Madison as well. I love to walk on the main street. The show window of the destroyed American brand, Under Armor. But that's wrong. twitter.com/telldylan/status/1

AFP ◆ Taylor Swift criticizes Trump for the death of a black man afpbb.com/articles/-/3285692… “Swift on Twitter (Twitter)” "Is it a racist fire? Will you threaten with violence after pretending to be brave and morally superior?"

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