I'm actually not sure how I ended up on this instance but anyway

(pssst hey fellow SDFers... let's show moth how solid and united our "community" is by boosting and favouriting moth's toot 😝 LOL Let's give 'em some SDF lovin' and WELCOM ❤️❤️)

@astralakash haha we try 😝 enjoy your SDF experience! Have you set up your SDF shell acct??

@astralakash YEAH!! LOL 😝 SDF is one of the few services that still offer a "public access UNIX system". Most of us on SDF socialize via the shell and text-based programs TRY it!

@astralakash cool!!! 👍👍 while on the shell type 'faq' ot 'faqs'... "help" and "unix" for help 👍👍

@astralakash Me either, but I stick around 😀 SDF is good people.

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