I am a self-appointed federal agent of the federated timeline

Where do I lie on the political spectrum? Well, I laid down, and fell asleep.

Andy Serkis posted a video of himself doing the Gollum voice while dressed up as Theresa May.


All you young 'uns with your fancy new lingo

I don't know what 'hornt' means. I have an idea though

Invest in green energy, then in red and blue

I keep having to go on old.reddit.com because the new Reddit design just breaks

I'm going to go on the SDF shell. Someone come talk to me in com mode.

This lady on Mastodon has a condescending attitude and a pretentious "Pay me: [cash.me link]" along with being aggressive towards others in her replies while simultaneously telling them they are mean to her

People having the verified checkmark on Mastodon is a humanitarian crisis

The nice thing is that it's not humid today

Monads are just monoids in the category of endofunctors. Now pass me the burrito and the zygohistomorphic prepromorphism tea, please.

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