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6 second UFO movie made with Blender, Kdenlive, and free stock footage and music. I really like learning this stuff.

The sickness has been slowly leaving my body. I felt good enough today to make a new . Publishing tonight.

I've been diving into way I can improve my subtitles for my videos and I stumbled upon this page.

The BBC has some pretty good standards to learn from and I think I'll try to incorporate that moving forward.

Gross body humor 

I don't just have a runny nose. I'm leaking hot covid juice fun my face.

But seriously, I'm feeling better today.

"Cough cough cough"

~ Literally me right now. Typical.

Now Linux gaming is just like Windows gaming! A whole lot of waiting.

Looks like my luck ran out. I tried to keep my mask on most of the time I was at but it looks like I still end up catching covid.

I've avoided it until now. I'm sure that's mostly because I've been lucky and I work from home. So far just feels like a regular cold but the headache is kicking my butt.

I needed some sleep! ♥️

Okay but hear me out... 


Mild gross humor 

The nice thing about having a room at the convention building is the private bathroom. I can poop alone!

Our banner for looks like it's been in storage for 2 years. We'll have to stretch it out.

987 more than usual views on my video. Thanks, YouTube. No need to rub it in.

My newest video will have subtitles generated by the voice recognition plugin built into . It did a really good job with only a little clean up needed.

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