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Bought into the whole Samsung ecosystem with mixed results.

+ New S21 Ultra: An absolute win. Solid phone.
+ Used Galaxy Active Watch: Solid.
+ Used Samsung Tab 6: The best tablet I've used in years
+ New Galaxy Buds Pro: Sound great, great features but I AM ALLERGIC TO THE PLASTIC.

Samsung support is an absolute joke. I'll never buy new from them again.

This has so far been a Led Zeppelin morning. I didn't really get into Zeppelin until my 30s if you can believe it.

Ended up eating dinner late last night. Big mistake. Woke up feeling full and gross.

We have wild parrots in my neighborhood. I like them a lot.

However one in a while one of them has an absolute meltdown right outside our window.

I think they make that noise to attract a mate or something but it's brutal at 4:45 am.

Woke up at 3:30 am and somehow I'm wide awake. Probably should try to get back to sleep.

I pulled a muscle in my foot running to catch the bus. It was worth it.

Good News: We've acquired a large bag of tiny kitkat bars.

Bad News: We've acquired a large bag of tiny kitkat bars.

Laptop screens need to step it up. I can see phone screen just fine outdoors. My laptop just turns into a faded mess outside.

I'm not even talking like high noon direct sunlight. I want to find a shady bench overlooking the Ocean while I write.

I have so much work so do but it would be nice to be able enjoy nature.

If Android apps become popular in Windows 11 and Chrome OS, does that mean they'll finally stop being terrible on Android Tablets?

Also, it feels like we should make Android applications a higher priority in Linux. I know that's a controversial take but damn. The Android FOSS community is awesome and I would love those apps on more devices.

Ran out of the house to catch the bus and I forgot my belt. That's going to be annoying.

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