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It's only 10a and I'm already kinda checked out for the weekend. Doing a bunch of mindless tasks.

New NextCloud server for my non-profit is all set up. It's a bit less storage but its managed. If anything breaks there is a team that will get it back online for me. That's worth the trade off. We don't need a lot of space, we just need reliable.

Okay, looks like Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out on streaming on Christmas. I unapologetically like comic book movie and I'm really looking forward to it.

Pretty hyped that I get to use Kdenlive for my day job. It really is a professional application.

Uploading videos for a client and youtube gives me a "Daily upload limit reached You can upload more videos in 24 hours." I had no idea that was a thing.

I anciently recorded my whole video in 29.97fps. Rookie mistake.

I have no idea if this is parody or not. This argument is that the new M1 Macbook Air looks just like the Intel one.

> How will strangers even know that your new Air is an M1, rather than just an old Intel jalopy? How will the style-conscious be able to casually open it on a plane and make their fellow passengers sneer with envy?

My second attempt to do HDR with my Mavic Mini. Used Luminance HDR, GIMP, and Darktable

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