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Started using as my Twitter and Mastodon client again. It's does a good job of limiting the noise from both networks.

I never make as much noise as when I'm trying my hardest to be quiet. I'll either drop something, or a door that never slams will slam. Without fail. I've never been quiet when I wanted to be.

I see you are trying to start a meme. Would you like help with that?

I ate too many snacks and now I'm sleepy and happy. Send help. 😁

Dude got on the bus with an 80 inch TV. Rode a few blocks, and then walked out. Just walking to his apartment with that big box.

I'm impressed.

Saw Hustlers on Friday. A lot better than I was expecting. STX Films are kinda hit and miss. Before Crazy Rich Asians, Constance Wu was not on my radar. She was good in that but she was excellent in Hustlers.

Also β™₯ Lizzo in this.

Girlfriend is out of town for a few weeks. Time to cut loose.

*Downloads Disney movies*

Taking the train to Santa Monica for the first time. Never had a reason to go but now I'm just going to experience it. 😁

"I ain't here to make friends!"

Me, at Buildabear

I don't see advertising at home. No traditional TV and always got ad blockers on my computers.

At the theater and there is so much Christmas ads already. Was not expecting that. At least not in this volume.

the vstab filter for makes cellphone videos look a lot smoother.

The girlfriend goes on her road trip tomorrow. The house is a bit of a mess as she's been getting ready. She'll be on the road for 3 weeks. That seems like a long time.

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