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Queen Elizabeth 

So it looks like her health is taking a turn for the worse. Am I a monster that I think it'd be funny if she passes on 9/11?


Is it just me or is all the Apple Watch marketing about fear?

You're sick in a why you don't know so you'd better give all your health data to Apple just to be safe.

AI generated artwork will completely replace artists in the same way that deep fakes have completely removed the concept of celebrities.

I'm usually a fan of Summer but it's out staying it's welcome.

What format is the correct one?

I put out a video last week! I've been super busy so I keep forgetting to post it. So, ICYMI- I got my C64 online!

I'm very stubborn. I kinda resisted icing it. I'm glad she's stubborn too. Without her I doubt I'd feel this good.

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Yesterday I fell and banged my knee pretty bad. Was limping around a bit last night and my girlfriend insisted I ice it.

I think she was right. It's tender this morning but I can walk without issue.

Hopefully tomorrow it'll back to normal.

I've been living at this apartment for about 6 years. Last night was the hottest and most miserable it's ever been. We don't have AC but we've never needed it before.

I recently found that Pandoc is now in the Termux repos. 😁

Sometimes I get so worked up about my anxiety that it triggers my anxiety. Today is one of those days.

Found a public domain maybe of Nocturne, rendered in with a Grand Piano Soundfont. Animated the waveform with Bizualizer plugin for blender. composited in .

Rain footage from Pexels, thunder sounds from Freesound.

I must be doing something wrong with this whole Dall E and Stable Diffusion. I see some astonishing stuff that other people make online.

Everything I've made has ether been shitpost worthy of just disappointing.

The new is incredibly customizable. I don't know if this is a new feature but it's definitely a nice feature. Version 28 is out now.

Was going to go hiking on Sunday but I just read that it'll be over 100° F (38° C).

I think I'll be inside that day.

Nerd Dictation: Simple Dictation Software for Linux

I saw how utilized VOSK to generate subtitles and found this software that works wonderfully on my Desktop.

Nerd Dictation is an open source, cross-platform voice dictation engine. It has been designed to provide users with a reliable, accurate and powerful alternative to the proprietary speech engines.

No one else might be able to see if but if I record in h264 in OBS and then edit the footage, it loos far worse than when I record in Prores in OBS and edit it.

New video made with the freshly released 22.08. This was a really big upgrade and I'm trying to take advantage of all the new features.

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