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Using AI green screen to build an alpha mask. When I combine the layers back I color correct them.

It works. I tested it in my portable power bank and it didn't explode. It cleaned up nice.

It can even charge my laptop. 👍

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Just found this brick on the sidewalk. After a little internet investigation it's a 15v Pixel 4XL charger.

Any safe way to test this out? I'd love to save this from the recycling bin.

I'm still behind on the stickers for our booth at 19x this year. I'm actually a little worried that it might get canceled cause the covid numbers are getting bad again.

Our non-profit, Uncoded, is on the last page of exhibitors just under Ubuntu this year.

The masculine urge to listen to the new Lizzo album. 🤘

Life and death | Humor 

Whatever you're doing next could be the last thing you ever do.

People will be like:

"Did you hear that suchandsuch did soandso when they died?"

That's how most will remember you. Life is short and it could happen at any time. Any time!!


Anyways, I'm off to watch the Minions 2 by myself on a Thursday night.

Oh great. My landlord set up a group text with all of my neighbors.

When a really old dude says "I used to be a cop" you're about to hear some unhinged shit.

So this is a docx file our client sent me.

I had to blank out the document for obvious privacy reasons.

Not sure why part 2) is in a table.

There's nothing after 3). That's the end of the document.

It's past 10:15 p.m. and my brain is like "Yeah, let's work on a video now."
Well I'm off to bed. 😁👍


I was going to say there's "too many TURFs on the internet" but I think it need to just be there are "too many TURFs."

Fuck TURFs. If you're a bigot feel free to unfollow.

After riding on the electric and fuel cell buses the diesel and natural gas buses seem loud and needlessly hot.

Somebody called me old on the internet today. Like how do they know?!

USB Power Delivery standard is rad. I can use the same charger on my phone, wireless earbuds, tablet, and laptop. I don't want to think about it, I just want it to work. And it does!

Off to see Thor 4 with my girlfriend today at noon. One could say... 

It's THORbin time.

If I ever make an operating system, I'll call it BimbOS.

Hey, I have internet again. Turns out my unlimited data on my Tmo phone is only 60GB. Lame.

They’re technically only fireworks if they’re made in the Firework region of France, otherwise they’re just sparkling explosives.

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