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We need to talk about overheating on the T-Mobile 5G home internet.

Without a fan my internet goes out every 20-40 minutes. From what I've heard this is so common people are making fan-tops.

It should include a fan by default.

I can't stress this part enough though. The service itself is actually very nice. Just need them to upgrade the hardware a bit.

Disney Cartoon 

Watching the new Baymax cartoon. It's very cute.

My client describe this computer as a "few years old". This machine is old enough to drink.

What search engine does the fediverse use?

Job ramblings // What not to do 

Was told by a potential employer that they'd have an offer for me today. Was nervous and got my hopes up again.

They decided that they no longer need the position filled and asked me to check in again in a few months.

I think I dodged a bullet.

on-device encrypted open source menstrual tracking app. Play Store or FDroid. iOS version in the works


I can't seem to log in. Was I banned? I got temporarily disabled Instagram account and a ban on Twitter?

We shall see I guess.

The only thing I did is use the service without installing the app.

The same bus driver that dropped me off for breakfast is taking me home and she said "Welcome Back" and that's a small little wholesome thing I like about local transit. These are our neighbors. 😁

I might have overdosed on Funyuns. I'm dead now. See you tomorrow. ♥️

I was going to try to do something productive during my lunch break. But instead I just kind of laid on my bed doom scrolling.

Here we go again.

The "land of the free" just took away another right.

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