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Finally got my Top Gun ticket. Life has been too busy to go to the movies.

Toxic Avenger 2022 

Legally I can't say if I have or have not seen an early version of the film. Legally.

However I know that it's a surprisingly low budget film with a cast that punches far above it's weight. The film feels like classic Troma.

The movie is filled with a ton of cheap gore and cheap heavy metal. It's also delightful.

Peter Dinklage deserves more leading parts.

In the US election days should be paid time off. Voting by mail should be available everywhere. That shit makes it so easy.

Lost City 2022 

This movie is actually really fun.

Even though it's proprietary the CapCut video editor for Android is actually very full featured. It might be the best editor for the platform.

Teeth Health + 

Been able to go to the dentist for the last few years. It's only of the only perks of my job. My dental health was always really bad but I've been trying to get my teeth healthier.

They are now the healthiest I've had in my entire adult life.

I still have a long way to go but I'm very happy.

I've jumped feet first into understanding . Now that I've learned the application more I figured out how to customize the interface so it works decent on a smartphone.

Ignore my terrible sketch.

web3 is just tech-washed predatory capitalism. Much like Uber is employment law circumvention fronted by an app, the "innovation" of web3* is just circumvention of financial regulations claiming to be tech. Good job.

*including: ICO's, crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and other rebrands.

Instaham. A new social media site for sharing pictures of delicious ham.

Last night a small fire broke out in my apartment. No damage to our apartment and no one was hurt.

I hate to say it but the Brave Browser experience on a tablet is better than the Firefox experience. Firefox still rules on my phone though.

That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

Ideally I'd like to use only free software of course. Right now I sync my artwork with Syncthing between all my devices which it rad. The only thing left is Krita to work better on the phone.

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PSD files open in almost every drawing and painting software. I can use ORA (Open Raster) between Krita and Gimp but not on the few proprietary painting apps.

I use Krita on my desktop and tablet but Medibang on my phone.

Krita totally runs on my phone but the UI is squished. Medibang is still the king on the phone.

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