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Still haven't seen Spider-Man. It's been sold out at my local theater still. 🀯

Beverly Hills Cop Theme with Fart Noises. Made with for my Nephew.

Got a new midi keyboard. It's really good for sensing key pressure makes building tracks a bit more natural that using a mouse.

This is just me trying to make pianos and guitars sound natural with midi. Weirdo bass powered by . Built in .

Selfie, Eye Contact, Christmas Stuff and Water 

No one make fun of my freakishly long arm. Happy Saturday that just happens to be Christmas day.

The colder my fingers get, the harder it is to use my touch screen.

The new "Noise Suppressor for Voice" plugin for .

Sounds like it might be limiting the echo, but I'm not sure. Might need headphones for this one.

I'm a terrible neighbor. I just found out my neighbor's name and they've been living there for 2 years. They're all cool as hell but it just never came up. 🀣

I really like my Samsung for the camera and the stylus. A total game changer. However I really miss having an unlocked bootloader. I miss Lineage OS.

Maybe someday we can have a Lineage OS with a really good camera and stylus.

I have no idea if it even boots but here is the very rare black MacBook that I bought the thrift store for $21.

Needs a charger and some cleaning. Either way it's going to be a fun project.

Made another little track.


Made with and plus a few public domain samples from .

Today I learned that the local transit in my neighborhood has free wifi. Looks like a Verizon hotspot.

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Kdenlive 21.12 is out.

+ Slip Editing
+ Multicam Editing
+ Motion Tracking (DaSiamRPN)
+ Noise suppressor for voice (Just like OBS's)

I don't drink milk but a new recipe I like uses it. Tonight, for the first time in 20 years, I'm a powdered milk man.

Terrible to drink, decent for cooking with.


Oracle offers free Ryzen Epic VPS. It's limited to (I think) 50GB of storage and 1GB of ram but it's a full server with root access.

I've been using it for almost 3 months without issue but I'm not using it for anything mission critical. Just as a fun box to play with.

Kinda wish I didn't need to have phone service with my phone data plan.

99.9% off all calls are spam. I could do SMS through a 3rd party and most of my chat is Meta Messenger or Element.

It actually cost much more to get a data only plan and none of them are unlimited data.

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