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Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Right click, save.

That's how NFTs work.

Electric cars are better than gas cars. However a robust public transit system and a powerful renewable electrical grid are better than electric cars.

Finally, a political slogan to unite the Right and the Left. 

"Build Back Brandon"

You're welcome. I just solved the political discourse in the United States.

Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


Scored this James Donkey 619 keyboard for $5. It's got Blue switches and a metal frame. I love how ugly it is. The backlight is just solid yellow.

My original idea was to pick up an x240 tablet but the Pro3 is about the same price used. Much more portable.

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I finally bought a Surface Pro 3. The screen is amazing. Still haven't had a chance to use Krita too much with the pen but so far looks promising.

I got the 3 because a video by @LinuxLounge

Works with Debian 11 out of the box except the wifi but that just a apt get away.

I feel like the web3 crowd thinks the internet should be pay to play. Like having a cryptocurrency wallet should be the default and required to use it.

What a nightmare.

alias updog="sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y"

Trying to find a name for a new series about pop culture and politics. I'm down to these last four.

I've been an Android user for 10 years now. I just realized the LG Optimus V came out in 2011. It had Android 2.2 on it. I rooted it and got a third party 2.3 installed.

I'm liking Dune so far but the pacing is dragging. I'm 90 minutes into it, got another 80 to go and this is part 1?!

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