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Facebook Confession // Fake 

It was me.

I tripped on the power cord and I'm too embarrassed to let my boss know.

You think Zuck will fire me?

For the record, yes, I am laughing at the failure of Facebook.

I know eventually they'll be back online causing damage once again.

I just hope this causes them to lose billions of dollars.

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Facebook and Instagram are down right now.

And nothing of value was lost.

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Venom 2 spoiler. 

Hey, Carnage is in this.

Got a decent antenna for my HDHomerun and I have all the major networks. 167 channel are found. Only one or two don't load.

Easily got about 50+ high quality English channels that I might watch.

You guys like YouTube channels? Want to collect even more?

Just hit 4k and I'm stoked.

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