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EC | 4th of July Selfie 

This is the most patriotic thing I own.

The birthday weekend cinematic universe. I'm making a whole weekend outta this.

The Birthday
The Birthday 2: Electric Boogaloo
The Birthday 3: Tokyo Drift

Took the day off work and enjoyed the beach. Had my first steak since before the pandemic, and now I'm off to the movies. Not a bad birthday.

I did not feel like working today. Tomorrow is my birthday. Fortunately a miracle happened. The power went down. Can we get a round of applause for the boys in green?

Should I make a video on DCP-O-Matic?

DCP-O-Matic is a free software encoder for DCP or digital cinema packages.

Downloading a client's entire cpanel is kinda like downloading a steam game.

🤯 5GB to host just one Wordpress site.

I like the 2:1 aspect radio. Taller than scope aspect for films, wider than 9:16. It's like a taller cinematic look. Kinda wish they made screens like that.

I kicked ass today at the gym so now I get to eat chocolate covered pretzels and watch Rick and Morty.

It's called self care.

Not gonna lie, the popsicle I had at 3pm helped get me through the day. I was not expecting it to make me as happy as it did.

With all this Windows 11 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) panic that's happening I wonder if this will result in a used computer market flooded with cheap old computers that would be great for Linux users.

This is my birthday week. I don't want to work anymore. 🤣

The most disgusting thing that I absolutely love is Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

It's gross. I know it's gross. It's like 99% of the reason I go to Taco Bell.

Coming out the real world again. Not only have I found that Starbucks requires an email to use the wifi but also seems to block ports.

I had to connect to a VPN before I could SSH into my home server.

This is a good use for the free account from ProtonVPN.

Somehow the F9 seat at the theater was available for my movie tonight, F9.

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