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If you can't write and run a program on it, it's not a computer, it's just a sparkling appliance

Blasphemy at Raising Cane's. Their chicken is great but they don't server BBQ sauce. I had to improvise.

Samsung Support has had my earbuds for about a month. Jennifer, my contact at Samsung has stopped returning my emails.

Called support and they only told me that the issue has been escalated. Not sure if that means anything.

Might have to start calling and emailing every morning at 7am until they send them back.

I'm not supposed to be this excited about having a color printer but I am. The printer I found on the curb works really good with fresh ink cartridges.

John McAfee Dead // Weird 

Looks like John McAfee died of the same disease that killed Jeffrey Epstein.

Checked his Wikipedia and what the actual fuck?

Ah, yes. The terrorist ideology of not hating poor people.

> U.S. Military Training Document Says Socialists Represent “Terrorist” Ideology

with to serve my site locally on my phone.

Got to edit with. I can use vim too but Acode does a great job on mobile.

Ignore my terrible skills.

I've been diving into Hugo, rebuilding all my old Jekyll sites.

Is there any benefit to using one config format over another?

What should I use?

Well, I just found a color laser printer. One of my neighbors had it sitting out with a free sign on it. I finally have a wifi printer and now I can make color stickers!

Me: I got this docker stuff down. It's so easy.

Also me: Why can't I log into my WordPress container?

I have these Redmi Airdots. They were my first pair of wireless earbuds. I got them a year ago for $19.

I fell in love wireless buds after wearing them with a mask. The wired buds I had were a pain.

They sound good but have an unusable mic. Useless for calls but pretty great for music.

My nice Samsung Pros are out for repair and I've been using these guys again for walks. I forgot how nice they are to use.

Lost my dad in 2019. He was a big grouchy dork and I miss him all the time. I was lucky to have him in my life.

Just took my first Myers-Briggs test just for fun. It's all bullshit of course. As an ENFJ personality type, I can spot bullshit a mile away.

Adding a Micro SD card reader to my drone kit was a great move. Shoot the footage, copy to my phone, transfers to my laptop.

I don't even have to think about it after that.

Seagate just sent me 16 Terabyte (4x4) Ironwolf drives in the mail for a super fun video I'm working on.

Tomorrow is my first free day in a few weeks. It's gonna be nice.

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