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I ate pizza for lunch because i'm an adult and i can do what i want.

Drone shot from the new Pier J bike path. It's really chill out there.

Gyms are closed in Taipei, so I'm working out at home with resistance bands instead. Took a while to figure out how to replicate each exercise, so I thought I'd share what I learned. Stay healthy!

Old computer and animal hair 

Grabbing a fresh Debian Live (with MATE DE) to boot up and see what's on this Windows 10 drive.

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Not trying to be that guy but I just picked up a Thinkpad t61 at the thrift shop by my house for $40! It's a little beat up but totally boots.

Thought I might be able to make it to breakfast before the church crowd hits the diner near the ocean today. Wish me luck!

I know that Linux phones really do need to be the future but I honestly think that open source Android still has a place. The platform works really well on mobile devices and the amount of software that is already made FLOSS is nothing to sneeze at.

After running this for a few days on Linage OS I could see this as a daily driver for a lot of people in 2021.

Weird human body things 

Welp, bit my tounge today. I've been very klutzy lately. I can't be trusted with sharp objects.

Reading audiobooks is still reading.

If you say you read an audiobook you don't have to "correct" yourself. I'd argue that you /shouldn't/, that you'd get less correct.

There's no need to say "well no I didn't read it" if it was an audiobook. There's no need to put "reading" in scare quotes.

It's reading just as much as reading print is.

I know there are worse problems, but it sucks having my favored reading format denigrated by sighted people, even to the point of them denying it's "real."

I powered on my old and installed Lineage OS 18 (Android 11) and it's really snappy! It's like 8 years old but still impressive!

My main SSD died while I was working. Screen sharing with my coworker, he was able to see different parts of my desktop disappear.

It's Thursday and my inbox is overflowing. It will probably stay that way until tomorrow.

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