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I talk a lot about how working from home is rad cause I get to spend more time with my girlfriend.

A less talked about but very awesome perk is being able to do laundry during the day.

Stayed up too late last night and now I'm beat. Caffeine is my friend today.

I'm pretty fired up about getting my second shot this Saturday.

Ever wonder why your local county or municipality didn't use a .gov domain? They used to cost $400 per year to keep registered. Now they're free:

All I'm saying is that gender was invented to sell more bathroom doors.

Meta, Hate 

Another day, another blocked Terf / Nazi.

I know that Terfs aren't Nazis but like, they're still hateful assholes.

I think I spend too much time working. Humans shouldn't have to do 40 hours of work just to live.

Had to go to the doctor today. I think I might have an ear infection. Not my favorite way to spend a Sunday morning.

Who will win in an FFMPEG drag race? The Snapdragon 888 or an Intel i7?

(I'll have a PeerTube links soon, looks like the instance is down.)

police brutality 

Friendly reminder, breonna Taylor’s murders are being offered book deals. This fight has yet to start.

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