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I'm on my way to a video shoot and I forgot to bring sunscreen.

I just don't want to work anymore today. I think I've done enough.

bad cryptocurrency joke 

Thinking of starting something where we exchange current pictures of Irish tombs and cemeteries.

Calling it "Crypt O' Currency".

(I'll see myself out.)

Today I decided to use Edge browser as my work browser. I'm really impressed. Some things it does better than Vivaldi and Brave on the Linux desktop.

I have a date now! On April 15th most adults SHOULD be able to get the vaccine in California. A lot of my friends and family have already gotten their first shot and a few got the second. Starting to feel left out.

Made the mistake of only having 30gb for my root partition. Normally that's not bad but I keep insisting on flatpaks. They take a ton of space. I usually feel like that's worth it but this time I've painted myself into a corner.

Perhaps I'll try updating to Debian Sid and purging all the flatpaks. I'm far to lazy to reinstall my system this weekend.

Why are m.2 SSD prices so high? I paid a year ago for a 1tb. It's like for a 2tb and close to for a 4tb. I thought prices would eventually go down.

Clicked on the public time line for the first time in a while. It's all bots. Bots all the way down.

I'm using Samsung Dex. It's acutally pretty slick. Next step is getting a Linux VNC server from Termux so I can run native Linux apps.

2017: Microsoft buys Mixer
2019: Microsoft pays Ninja 14 million to join Mixer
2020: Microsoft shuts down Mixer citing poor market share
2021: Microsoft buys Discord

Selfie, eye contact, happy 

I climbed the hill and I feel good. It almost feels like summer.

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