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Valentine's Day Gross Foods 

My girl loves me so much she made me the food of my people. Mac N Cheese with hot dogs in it. Or Wiener Mac for the more cultured.

By the way, my people is poor people. 🀣

Having a zoom lens on my phone is pretty awesome. This is the kind of shot that I could only get with a mirrorless camera or DSLR.

Virtualization and containers are rad as hell. Some people claim it's just now bloat and I get that but it's hard to ignore the benefits.

I use Postmates a lot for ordering my food and just walking over and picking it up. A have a few places to eat really close to my house. It feels all fancy to have delivery tonight.

Yesterday I was feeling kinda sick. Last week my girlfriend had the cold so I guess it was my turn. Today is much better.

I haven't used docker in months and I feel like I'm learning it all over again. This is why you don't let projects linger in the todo list for too long.

Girlfriend uses the office for her Yoga class on Wednesday nights. This is my office until she's wrapped up. Not bad.

RT @hediet_dev
Github1s is really nice.
Just add "1s" after "github" when viewing code on and VS Code loads up instantly:

My new laptop can edit 4k without a proxy file. That's impressive. I don't really see the need for 4k videos but it's nice to know it's an option.

uspol, foxes ate my face 

Fox News has dropped β€˜Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ promoter of Trump’s false election fraud claims - The Washington Post

From the article, paraphrased: β€œWe’d been meaning to do this since October! This has nothing to do with the $2.7B lawsuit against us that he caused! No, we don’t have a replacement planned even though it’s been in the works since October!”

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