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Don't tell anyone how I live!

Temporary living room setup during the at-home-vacation.

The only thing I've learned in 2020 is that it is hard to whistle while wearing a mask.

It's still 2020 in California. Am I doing it right? Should I try turning it off and on again?

The annoying part, is the copyright flag I got was for a video that is on one of my streaming services that I pay for. I decided to grab the file because my ISP was struggling loading a 1080p film from Disney+.

A lot of streaming services start playing a 240p stream and it looks terrible. I load a local video and it always looks good.

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Got one too many copyright notices from my ISP. I've been running a VPN that has served me well for years but now it's just not working anymore. I keep getting flagged.

Decided to get a Seed Box again and they're so cheap these days. $5 a month and has 150GB of storage.

Setting it up to move competed torrents into a Syncthing folder that will mirror a folder on my OpenMediaVault.

Day after the rain. I really want to do some drone flying now that the visability is very high.

Animation, flickering light and colors 

Suzanne Star Wars Logo.

Cracked my phone screen for the first time ever. I've scratched screens and dented phone corners but I've never full on cracked a screen. Until today.

And I'm super bummed about it.

So this HP laptop that I'm fixing for a client requires you to physically break the chassis of the laptop to get the hard drive out. This is literally why we can't have nice things.

still doesn't allow following from within the platform.

Federation is not working from Peertube to Peertube, and following from Mastodon just leaves a follow request that might never be answered.

The only way to follow Peertube accounts from different servers is RSS.

I'm doing that thing again where I know I'm supposed to be cleaning but I'm just scrolling randomly through the web.

The girlfriend is making cookies. This is a first in our house. Everything smells delightful.

So the best title tool for is Blender. It's become my favorite way to make motion graphics.

Police violence 

No shit? This is really only news for those who didn't watch the footage from the streets.

Then there's this nugget"

"police officers involved had not received 'relevant training' in policing protests."


I learned how to stabilize video in blender and now that'll be the effect I over use in my videos.

My favorite part of this chip is actually the Bluetooth 5.1. My wireless keyboard is so much more snappy!

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