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Okay, I got it.

+ Entangle to grab the video from the Canon m50 over USB.

+ OBS to capture the video from Entangle.

+ v4l2-sink / v4l2loopback to send video feed to Jitsi.

Got my Canon m50 mounted so I can use it as my webcam. Much better than the Logitech c920. Gotta get the cables cleaned up a bit next.

Does anyone know why WebRTC is such crap under Firefox\? I have to use a Chromium based browser to use Jitsi.

I haven't been chronically online lately for some reason. It feels good. How are you?

Great, so NOW I get Monster Mash stuck in my head? Where were you on the 31st?

I bought a really bad ass umbrella a few months ago. It's the nicest I've ever own. I think I paid a lot less for it because it was hella hot then.

It's raining in LA today, so now's my time to shine!

Uspol, dumb joke 

We need to start coming up with nicknames to use when bullying President Biden to go left.

My official submission is:

Malarkey Migoo.

I want this election to be called already so I can stop doom scrolling and anxiety eating.

Off to bed in attempt of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow won't be Tuesday any more.

Been in control of our non-profit org about a year. I inherited it when the original board had to step down. We're finally moving the infrastructure from Google Drive to .

By the beginning of next year:

+ Jitsi for our conferencing
+ Nextcloud for documents and collaboration
+ And we've been using Matrix/Element for our chat. Migrating our old boards from Slack.

This is not just about open source. This is also a simpler setup for our team.

Distraction time! I got the Argon Neo case for my Raspberry Pi 4. It's body is a aluminum heatsink. It's a really awesome case especially for 15 bucks.

I'm not letting myself look at the news until at least 10a. Avoiding the doomscrolling is hard.

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Rough morning. I think my microwave died. Spotify TUI is bugging out. Got the shades closed in the office. Trying to be hyperfocused on my work.

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