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Today's goal is to not focus on the election. I find myself panic reloading pages. I think the only reason I was able to sleep last night was from exhaustion.

It's a good thing my brain made me wake up at 4:50 to doom scroll. I almost had 8 hours without the feeling of dread. We can't have that. Not on election day.

Well. The Raspberry Pi 4 is MUCH faster. I'm rendering a 1080p video I edited in Kdenlive. This really could be someones daily driver for most tasks.

I'm really impressed.

Met a client at the park to do her PC setup on a bench near a duck pond. It's safer and I was able to tether from my Phone.

I'm okay with this being the new norm. Most peoples houses before Covid gave me anxiety.

November 1st, a warm 84Β°F day. California weather is bizarre.

what do you call a werewolf youtuber? 


Picking up breakfast and I hear someone on the phone planning their Halloween party.

They're trying to kill everyone.

Remember, this Sunday is discount Halloween candy day! Spoooky! πŸŽƒ

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