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My niece's baby is almost born! I'm so excited! I'm going to be a great uncle again!

What the bloody fuck, #apple

Forcing Protonmail to adopt in app purchases or threatening to kick their app from the store. If that's not the most Mafia thing ever…

Got a 1st gen x1 carbon coming in the mail for a client. The x1 series is really my favorite machines.

I almost forgot that Mike Pence is short for Mikeanical Pencil.

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PDF to PNG using ImageMagick
convert -background white \
-define pdf:fit-page=A4 \
sourcepath.pdf \
-flatten \
#ImageMagick #IM #PDF #PNG #Convert

I usually get content from our clients in docx. With pandoc I can get a quick markdown file out of those and it keeps the formatting pretty good. I've been getting a lot of PDF from a new writer. pdftotext take a few more steps and often loses the formatting.

Don’t be afraid of {Walking blindfolded into traffic}. Don’t let it dominate your life.

i don't think sarah macglacklin should have killed all those dogs. just one man's opinion

I made a simple seedbox by running a vps with only tmux and aria2. It takes like two seconds to deploy and works pretty good.

Plus I can login with Termux on my phone, drop the torrent, and disconnect. Later I can download into my laptop.

Here's an extreme test. I clean it and it did an okay job. So I tried to clean it again but almost no difference.

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The demo binary is just compiled with cmake and it runs without any dependencies. I've used it with my phone's microphone and my Osmo Pocket. It works pretty good.

This is a lightweight alternative to RTX Voice.

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Everytime I get a chance to fly the drone it's either too dark or too foggy. πŸ˜‚

I'm not 100% sure, but I think my ISP is blocking incoming connections. I can't seem to connect remotely anymore. If true, that's hella shitty.

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