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Are you drinking enough water? You gotta stay hydrated.

Setting up this Dell for a client. Installing Linux on this thing took about 15 minutes.

I'm on hour two of Windows install and I still don't have sound drivers.

It just worksβ„’

Dilbert comic, Scott Adams 

I used to read Dilbert. I even liked the animated series.

I can't really enjoy it anymore now that I know Scott Adams is white supremacist garbage.

Something something death of the author.

There's both fog rolling in and smoke coming from the LA fires. Everything looked unreal.

At least I had a good 10 mile bike ride in this morning.

Almost clean battle station. It's been long overdue for a refresh. Removed the desktop PC and I'm back to using me Thinkpad as my daily driver.

For the record, laptop docks are a total game changer. I forgot how awesome this is.

LA is approaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit. (About 49 degrees Celsius.) I read we are going to be experiencing rolling blackouts in the area from the overuse of air conditioning.

I picked a pretty good day to stop using a desktop PC. My Thinkpad X1 gets about 7 hours battery life.

The lights are flickering. They've been flickering for a few hours now.

I guess I got the Chromebook tablet and the hacked Amazon tablet but other than that. Thinkpad only. 🀣

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Wanting desperately to clean this office today. It's so hot and the only thing I can seem to do is sit.

I got the big PC out of the house and it's on the way to my niece. I'm a Thinkpad only man again.

Giving my desktop PC to my niece. She wants to game and I only really use my GPU for Blender.

At this point I figure it's more on me then FedEx that I actually believe they're going to ring the doorbell.

I've been home all day and there's a message saying they tried to get ahold of me at 3 p.m. but there was nobody home.

Setting up a laptop for a friend and I've come to the conclusion that Windows 10 is needlessly complex to setup a USB installer. This laptop doesn't seem to like Ventoy.

There's an ice cream truck at the beach that got the bomb milkshakes. You heard it here first!

I'm devastated to find out that the Long Beach Cafe is finally shutting down.

It's been a staple of Long Beach since 1988. I have nothing but fond memories of going there. I was there just before the pandemic with my girlfriend and it was rad.

These are the kind of local businesses that are truly at risk during this pandemic.

@art you are in a maze of twisty passages, all rendered in hyper-real drooling perfection

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