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Got all the way to the bike shop and they're all out of bike tubes. Looks like I'm going to be waking a while.

Covid 19 

Got a family member in the hospital with Covid. I'm still furious at anti-maskers.

Every day I get more and more angry.

The physical traits that define men & women in literature: using natural language processing to analyse 2,000+ books, Erin Davis created this interactive #dataviz showing the mental model of how men’s & women’s bodies are described in books

So I guess I borked my Jekyll site 4 days ago and didn't notice. The good news is that it's fixed now and I have jekyll installed on my phone for fixing on the go.

Got my OnePlus5t in the mail today. Rooted and flashed with Lineage OS / MicroG.

Best part? Working headphone jack!

I've been playing with using Steam Remote Play to access my desktop from my phone and tablet. It works really good on local wifi.

If things ever open up again I can see myself remotely working on my desktop through my $80 Amazon tablet.


Problem 1. I'm so full. Dinner was awesome but I'm so full.

Problem 2. I want ice cream.

I know I've babbled about how I got my whole office to use Jitsi for video chat. It's been a great experience. I just need to find a way to ween them off of Google Hangouts.

Thought I was being efficient by having spellchecker load by default in vim. It worked great when loading a blog post. Not so good with code and newsboat url list.

New hobby. Do a search with an emoji. You often find weird stuff. #💀

Tried out Peacock streaming service. They have a free teir that looks pretty good. However their DRM is cranked so high that a lot of people can't watch it over HDMI. It needs a secure display connection.

lewd humor 

Just bought because I'm an immature child.

Gotta stop buying old hardware.

Just bought a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS for $38. One of the first pocket cameras that could shoot 1080p 24fps.

It's from 2011. I'm pretty excited.

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