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It's not so much a breakfast burrito but a bean burrito that I consume during breakfast.

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This made me literally lol out loud, what times we live in

Blue switches are the best switches. After that, brown. Everything else might as well me a membrane switch. Don't @ me.

It's weird to think about DVD as retro tech. I only know one person with a DVD player connected to a TV anymore.

What is wrong with people?

> Amazon workers in Chicago angered by ‘tokenized’ Juneteenth celebration offering chicken and waffles

The Gcam mods stopped working on my phone. Every time I install a build it crashes constantly on load.

Now I'm using as my default like I used to. It's not as stable on Android 10 as it was on 9. The photos look nice though.

I got running on the Amazon Fire 8 (2020). It's got a 720p screen, and only 2 gigs of RAM but Krita runs like a beast.

Consumerism // Amazon 

My 2020 model Fire 8 tablet came in. Unfortunately the mtk-su root builds I found don't work yet on this model.

They've blocked the ability to disable their Amazon apps. I did get F-Droid and Aurora store installed and have most of the apps I want working on it.

Might check out some other application disabling tools after I get off work.

Brian David Gilbert | I built the perfect gamer space | Unraveled

Fellow white tech folk, listen. Stop defending the status quo of language used in tech because you don’t see the problem with it. White people not putting in the effort to see the problem *is the problem*.
Listen to BIPOC. If they say some language is harmful, then *that means it is*. The meaning of language is not solely defined by its etymology! The slight inconvenience of changing some terms you use to more neutral ones is a tiny inconvenience compared to the privilege being white has afforded you. It is your *responsibility* to listen to BIPOC and *act* accordingly. If you think it’s too great an inconvenience, I promise you, it’s far less work than you would put in to learning a new programming language, framework, CMS, API, etc etc. Does it still seem like the right thing to argue against? Confront your complacency because complacency is couched in privilege and privilege descends from inequality and violence.

Went for a mile walk with my girlfriend then we watch TV and ate ice cream. What a night! 😀

The last game console I bought was the Sega CD. The only games I really play anymore are just old NES roms. I have a Steam account and I've collected a few games from Humble Bundles, but I don't really spend much time in that space.

If Play Station 5 Is So Great, Why Isn't There a Play Station 6?

Even though it doesn't really make sense in 2020 I still miss Linux distro CDs like the kind that Ubuntu used to make. Wish there was an ethical to bring that back.

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