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My two favorite music players right now are:

Vinyl for Android
Lollypop for Desktop

CMUS still has a place in my heart but I find myself going back to those two.

Forgot to wear my "I Voted" sicker. So much for flexing on all those who know it's a rigged system that we pretend is a democracy for some reason.

I've been on a fruit kick. I can't seem to get enough strawberries.

The bus is free in my town for election day. That's nice.

My new desktop needs a video card. I'm not gonna do much gaming, it's gonna spend most of it's time running Blender Cycles and encoding video.

Taking a bus ride out to meet my sister in Orange. Tried Disney+ on my phone.

There is no picture in picture!

I just checked and Netflix too. I use it in NewPipe, VLC, and Vanced. I just assumed it was a standard now.

Metal things last a long time. GTE was only known as that until 1982. They were eventually bought by a company that would later be called Verizon.

Want to watch a horror movie and also a 90s exercise video at the same time?

> Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout

The donut shop by my house is really nice. I think it's all run by a family. It's always clean and everyone is nice.

Just had a bomb smoothie and chilled. Very nice.

Listening to Ozzy while fixing Wordpress errors. Not the worst Friday. I'm sorry for being so basic. πŸ˜‰

As the reality of a Linux phone gets closer, Android becomes more and more Linux like.

I can finally edit documents on my phone with free software. It doesn't look like it's on @fdroidorg yet.

Video setup. Kinda a beast.

+ Kit lens 15mm to 45mm
+ Movo shotgun mic
+ HDMI capture
+ Phone as monitor

Of course the camera is running software.

Took the train to LA and missed almost all the rain. Emerged from the subway on the train back home and it's finally coming down. β›ˆοΈ

Cop lost his balance on the train and accidentally gave me a lapdance. I wasn't really feeling it but I still stuck a single into his belt just to be polite.

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