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When everyone on the train is playing music on their phone out loud how is that enjoyable?

YouTube and LBRY are too centralized. PeerTube doesn't federate.

Maybe I'll just release my video as a magnet link...

Samsung is starting to push 8k TVs. Most movies and shows are still filmed in 2k.

Even some movies made in 4k have all their cgi effects built in 2k because most people can't see the difference.

Without trying I've slowly adopted using different browsers for different parts of the web.


+ Brave for most browsing, fairly safe
+ Fennic (Firefox) with uBlock and uMatrix for sketchy sites
+ Tor browser for those hard to reach places
+ Bromite for testing mobile websites with "Chrome" for work


+ Firefox with uBlock and uMatrix for most tasks
+ Brave for Google and streaming sites
+ Chromium for work stuff only

It seems like a lot but it works...

Toilet Humor... Again. 

Made the mistake of eating too much sugar free candy. 💩

I ordered a USB floppy drive from Ebay. Got a bunch of old floppies from my dad's old stash of hardware.

I have no legitimate reason to use a floppy disk other than the notion that magnetic storage might have a longer lifespan than SSD and mechanical drives.

I guess I'll find out if some of those 20 year old disks read when the drive comes in.

What YouTube alternative should be my focus for my videos?

We had 12 hours at Disneyland today but we are all worn out after 10. Seriously, if I had the energy I could have spent all 12 hours. I'm a sucker for the Mouse House.

The Star Wars stuff alone was so much fun.

Today I learned that the Disney park has WiFi. They didn't have that when I worked here. This is brilliant.

Has anyone setup a Raspberry Pi NAS? I want something low voltage and open source as possible and I'm thinking that might be the best way to go.

On Wednesday, my sister and I are taking our annual trip to Disneyland. It's hella expensive so we only do it once a year. Just the two of us. We go in the middle of the week so it's less crowded.

Been playing with locked Android phones. My mom's old Metro PCS phone has no root options and a ton of preinstalled apps.

Figured out how to delete or disable apps. Doesn't work for everything but I was able to delete the default launcher and Chrome.

Might look for a non-root way of blocking Google servers.

In punched that Snooze Control™ like 7 times this morning. I've been having a hell of a time getting up when I'm supposed to.

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