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I'm doing a terrible job cleaning tonight.

I'm diggin the animated wallpapers. Found an application called "Video Live Wallpaper" in the Aurora Store that would convert videos to a wallpaper.

Found some Cinemagraphs online.

Don't play with my heart. Don't promise me rain and not deliver. β›ˆοΈ

I got to spend the weekend with my mom. She was a bit under the weather when I got out there but she's back to her energetic self today.

She's been doing the crochet nests for baby birds affected by Australian wildfires.

My mom is a badass and I'm so lucky.

Things that we're surprisingly nice.

+ This install is just as fast as Linux now.
+ It's got a Terminal! Like a proper one.
+ A lot more snappy than I was expecting

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Took time to seriously learn Windows 10 finally. Picked up a cheap $20 SSD and dropped it into my x230.

Things I have yet to figure out:

+ Hot keys for virtual desktops
+ Is there a system backup with snapshots?
+ My GOD, so many ads! How to I Adblock the system?

Making good progress so far.

Star Trek stuff... 

Buying camera parts when I haven't event finished my last video. SMH.

Just another reason to not trust or any other large org.

> Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

The cloud is just someone else's computer.

Just a quick test. Doing focus peaking on Android with an HDMI capture dongle.

ISO was at 640 and I still had to bump it up in post.

Achievement Unlocked:

I N S O M N I A βœ…

Trying to remotely remaster a live CD. Gotta make simple changes for a local nonprofit that turns ewaste into computers for low income persons.

I cut my thumb on my fingerprint and I can see the hole. My fingerprint scanner on my phone still unlocks.

That means the scanner is really good. Or really lousy. I'm not sure.

Working on a video about how no VPN service let's you use it as a Virtual Private Server and I've discovered Mullvad VPN.

It works great for TORRENTS. You know? The ONLY thing a VPN service is good for. Not getting dinged for copyright infringement when downloading.

But, yeah, Mullvad is pretty slick.

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