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I didn't think this through but I'm caring my laptop under my arm as I go into the theater to see Star Wars. 😐

Okay so Steamboat Willie is like 70% just Mickey mouse abusing farm animals while laughing

Went to Starbucks thinking their internet would be better than McD. I was wrong, so wrong.

I need to head to the library if I want anything faster than my local McD.

MH mostly positive but yeah... 

I'm emotionally and mentally checked out today. I ready for Friday to be done so I can just chill with my girlfriend.

What do we want?

All day battery!

When do we want it?


My electric bill was $28 this month and my gas/trash was $12.

I know city living has a higher cost when it comes to rent but almost everything else is cheaper in my experience.

The internet guys was late by 4 hours. After he got there found out the room in our apartment building where the internet connects is not reachable without a key from management.

We'll have to reschedule.

"Your installation will be between 8am and noon."

It's 11:40. 😐

Good news: Off work today

Bad news: Bus is on Sunday/Holiday schedule.

I actually have to wait longer than 10 minutes for the next bus. The injustice!

it's 2020

you know what that means

mattel doesn't have the dc action figure license anymore, spin master does

Got the cheapest decent 120GB SSD in my old x230 and I'm installing Debian back on that beast.

It's not my daily driver but I still love this thing.

Without thinking about it, I've started a small keyboard collection.

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