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The internet is hella fast at my local library. I often come here to grab TV shows and updates. I just wish it was open earlier and later in the day.

When the girlfriend is sick, I'm here to make grilled cheese sammaches.

I'm doing my part!

Unpopular Comic Book Opinion 

Seriously, the Joker is just not a very good character. It's about the actor. Only a good actor can make such a bland character good.

Open Chrome, CPU: πŸ”₯
Open Skype, CPU: πŸ”₯

Open Both at the same time:

today in "ok boomer" news, facebook is rebranding to FACEBOOK

Google AMP. A copy of your website on Google servers.

Now Google is testing hiding URLs.

Google is trying to swallow the internet.

Donated my second monitor to a family member. Gonna try and use the laptop as my second. It's awkward because the large screen is 1080p and the laptop is 1440p.

This is some real first world problem I have here.

Taking a trip to the new shopping center in Long Beach called 2nd & PCH or something. β„’

I got too many small camera pieces and I'm running out of places to safely staff it all. πŸ“·

The company I work for own over 800 domains. Most have never been connected to any server.

Apt Updates on Public WiFi with

McDonald's and Starbucks' adult content filtering are blocking apt updates. Here's how to keep you system up to date.

If only there was a government agency that was there to protect consumers. Link some kind of Federal Communications Commission.

> The FCC is using streaming services as an excuse to raise cable rates

From what I can tell, Google is slowly removing real time transit data from their apps.

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