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From what I can tell, Google is slowly removing real time transit data from their apps.

Some of our clients hire writers that for some reason don't capitalize the first letter in a sentence and often forget the period at the end.

Been looking for a decent and cheap USB adapter for my desktop. Looking at this one:

Anyone have any experience with this? I don't know enough about Bluetooth chipsets.

I had time to get shit done but I procrastinated instead. I didn't feel well today so that's the excuse I'm sticking with.

Tomorrow I'll be on it.

This is very surprising. No one could have ever guessed this would happen in a billion years.

> Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords

Trying to help my sister sort out her MacOS issues. It's needlessly complex for a computer that "Just Worksβ„’".

Everything is tied together. If one piece of software breaks, everything goes to shit with it.

I'm bummed the library closes so early on Friday because I'd love to be there but I'm glad it closes cause the staff deserve to have Friday nights off.

It might seem obvious but I didn't realize until I tried. An Android hot spot can be used as a portable network. Was able to SSH from one device to another.

My evening out on downtown. Ice cream, library, beautiful sunsets, and Jay and Silent Bob double feature.

I'm gonna be exhausted tomorrow.

Finally getting around to setting up the old . Got a SSD in it. Can't seem to get my Radeon 350 to work. Not sure if it's a compatibility issue or of it's just a borked card.

Just met a nice couple from Portsmouth. They came to California because the wife's favorite movie is La La Land.

Accidentally left a VPS running for a few hours that I was not using. There goes 34Β’. SMH

I just want to thank the nearby We Work for having their free WiFi reachable at Subway. πŸ˜† WiFi seems like it's one of those things that is less and less popular in public spaces. That's the opposite of the future I was promised.

Fun Fact: The earth is the largest planet in the world!

I have the kind of anxiety that the Starbucks dude messed up my drink and I'm just sitting here not drinking it. 😐 Sometimes I can take charge but not tonight.

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