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It was nice and cool this morning. I actually went out of my way to grab a long sleeve shirt. Now it's even toastier than yesterday. I talk about the weather too much. I'm an old man.

Had to get out of the heat. Grabbed a bus to the local McD. It's surprisingly empty.

For like the 10th time, I'm attempting to learn . I do a lot of and I'd like to develop locally.

The humidity is crazy high. Got back from a long bike and boat ride and now I need another shower. Beautiful day, though.

Taco Bell got rid of the double decker taco because... *checks papers* They hate America or something.

Trying to swollow pills is still a hard thing for me. I thought someday I'd grow out of that but nope.

This is what it's been like with the new carpet in the apartment.

I haven't figured out how to get bti to upload images. Not sure if that's even a feature.

I've been goofing around with both toot and bti commandline tools. toot is the client and bti the client. They're both in the repos. It's nice to be able to just shoot off a quick thought without opening the browser.

Remember, it's okay to turn off the news for a bit.

The bus line near my house has started adding Electric buses on that route. Today I got on one and they're bigger on the inside than the older bus designs.

It used to be electric was viewed as a pricier but greener alternative but from what I'm hearing the new electric line is cheaper to run.

I've been using instead of YouTube's homepage to watch videos from creators that I dig.

Not only does it not get throttled from tmobile but also the interface has a ton less bloat.

It's like for the desktop.

Bee Having A Pee. Photographer Mark Parrott managed to capture the unusual image while photographing a swarm in his back garden in Grimsby, England.

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