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my response to every warmongering politician who tries to use the debunked lie about video games & gun violence

Saw Hobbs and Shaw without seeing any other Fast and Furious movie. Nothing was lost in translation. It was dumb and I liked. Ryan Reynolds and Idris Elba were the best part though.

Lewd cartoon, work rant 

It's getting a little warm today. This causes me to get a little sleepy. Not a bad feeling.

Today is day one of using only mobile data on my remote job. So far, 5 hours into my 8 hour shift, and we'll still chugging along pretty good.

Controversial piece of advice for newer coders:

Make yourself a cheat sheet with the syntax of the language you're working in, assign yourself a project, and then block the internet for a bit.

Instead of Googling for solutions, you'll be forced to really problem solve.

So like 80% of the work I do is in a web browser. The fact that in 2019 I need to have a webkit based browser and Firefox if I want all the tools I need for my job is weird.

Firefox gives me that level of control and tools I need. If I'm testing CSS I use Firefox so I can see it in real time.

There are a lot of proprietary online services that we use at my job that are almost unusable in Firefox.

No point to this post, just ranting.

Been feeling a little unmotivated lately. Something that I gotta work on. Took my first class for the Public Access Television production program.

Finally upgraded the girlfriend's keyboard from an old shit Dell membrane to this nice Next I got to upgrade that wrist guard.

Just recently discovered Locast. They simply rebroadcast local over the air broadcast over the internet. Legally.

Watching a documentary on the history of Los Angeles on KCET.

Not all membrane keyboards are created equal. Today I picked up a Lenovo KB4721 at the local thrift store for $8.

It offers an almost like typing experience. These can be found on EBay for less than $20.

Very excited. Today I pick up my bike from the bike shop. It's been a week without it.

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