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Old dude saw my red converse and said I looked like a blood... What?

Installed and themed my system in less than 1 hour. I've gotten good at this and I'll be doing it over again come Friday when the new SSD gets here.

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I love but when it comes to live environments does a decent job.

My SSD somehow got scrambled and I'm running the live until after work tomorrow when I'll have time to fix everything.

On the live image I was able to install all the tools I need so I can work fairly seamlessly.

+ LibreOffice
+ Gimp
+ Chrome ( I know...
+ FileZilla

It only took about 5 minutes to set up. This is why I love Linux.

We got our booth number today for . It's official.

Uncoded will be at booth #627!

I still can't find my kindle. I might have to buy a new one.

The gym is empty today and that is awesome. 🏋🍗

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Today has been a day filled with very important naps. Executive naps. High priority naps. 🌧

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