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Chats that are better than Facebook messenger:

+ Riot
+ Literally everything else.

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You walk into the dark alley periodically looking back to see nothing but a dense fog. You meet your informant, shaking as they ask, "Is it safe to speak?" You announce in your best non-regional dialect, "Hey Google, Alexa, Cortana, Siri" and wait for a beep; "Good. We're alone."

I wish there was an affordable OLED screen for my . I got one on my phone and all other screens seem inferior.

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Been trying to learn Hugo from reading docs but it's been kicking my but wrapping my brain around all that.

I remember that I'm doing it wrong. I always learn better from example. Downloaded some Hugo sites from github and seeing how everyone is setting things up is making it all click for me.

Mechanical keyboards make me more productive. I mean, not really. But still, this thing is a beast.

Hear me out. Old school static site generation.

Build site in basic PHP. wget whole page as HTML from localhost.

I think I can make that a shell script.

Just bought a new couch for the apartment. There's enough room for me to watch tv while my girlfriend takes a nap. It's amazing.

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Is there a way to git version control my entire root partition? That would be rad.

When the heat first bumped to 104 the internet started lagging. I'm not sure if that was related but I'm working at the library now. McD is next.

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Still getting the office set up. I found my old USB microphone.

Art boosted is just short for mastodon arthur

Only after leaving the house and venturing out in public do I relize that my laptop is filthy.

Got a new keyboard coming in on Saturday. A present from the $GIRLFRIEND. Finally getting a 60%

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