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@groff I don't have access to the little guy. My sister snapped those shots from her house.

I still use md5sum for a quick check to see if the file I copied from a remote server or usb drive is corruption free. I use it over something like sha256sum because I'm not worried about security and md5 is much faster.

@Moon That's the one I use. Works great for pictures of hands and pills (Drug rehabs are our clients) and does an amazing job on logos that are too small.

We've collectively landed on the size 1024x768 for all our client's images. They're uniform and they look decent while keeping a small file size. Our editor keeps sending me images at 1000x666. I've used AI upscaling for almost every blog post in the last week. No one has noticed.

And now, a photograph of the couch in the hallway of my apartment complex.

Yesterday I fell off my bike in the most Arthur way possible. I was waiting at a stop light and I missed my footing. Slid off the seat and landed in the planter next to the curb.

The best part is that it took a few seconds and I kept trying to regain my balance. Almost recovered several time.

So there I was, laying in a planter, laughing with my bike tangled in my legs. No real injury other than a slightly sore left buttcheek. So, overall a pretty great ride.

@pho4cexa Just metal with locking arms. Loosen with an allen wrench and adjust. These work really good and feel stable.

Only cost about $40 on Amazon US.

I sound like I'm here just tooting (get it?) my own horn but this is really a testiment to the power of Kdenlive.

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In 2012 I had a short that I edited in Kdenlive that actually played in a theater. It won an award. Today I'm editing a segment for a local public access show in Long Beach that will be broadcast in the next few months. I'm no professional but I'm still stoked.

Today I learned the Gnome Maps has both a dark mode and an export image mode. Neat.

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